About Us

Cornerstone International College, an Exempt Institution (Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education), offers educational programs for individuals pursuing the career opportunities of their dreams. We are committed to providing leadership in education and training that prepares individuals to be effective citizens of the community. Our programs are designed to lead to employment in some of the country’s fastest-growing healthcare occupations, as projected by the US Department of Labor.

The critical philosophy in our curriculum is preparing students at the vocational level to respond to and be proactive in the medical workplace system. Throughout our programs, we focus on hands-on training and experience for our students to become qualified and efficient professionals and employees.

Our academic faculty work collaboratively with our communities to ensure excellent courses — congruent with community needs. As a result, graduates leave with the knowledge and skill to enable them to obtain secure employment in their fields

Mr. Cecilio Lorenzo, the Founder/CEO of Cornerstone International College, was inspired to create a slogan or company motto to reflect the company culture, values and goals. This motto was inspired by his personal and professional experience in life and wishes to share such inspiring experience through a school motto which will motivate and inspire each student pursuing a better life.

The word DREAM… the slogan/motto begins — It is because such word is of an inspiring vision for anyone to aspire for something worthwhile in life for their future personal and professional growth. Because of this, we call our learners, the DREAMERS instead of students.

The word ACHIEVE… the slogan/motto continues — It is because such word is of an inspiring thought of attainment and a sense of accomplishment when our DREAMERS had finally completed their course of study and had finally achieved their certification/diploma.

The word SUCCEED… the phrase emphatically ends the slogan/motto — It is the goal of the institution that our DREAMERS find the career opportunity of their dreams and ultimately reach the optimum level of success in their life. As one of our motto says, ACHIEVE your DREAMS to SUCCEED.

Below are just some of the quotes from some inspiring people:


“Hope is a waking dream.”

— Aristotle


The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense.

–Thomas A. Edison


Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

–Abraham Lincoln

The mission of Cornerstone International College is to provide a dynamic leadership in real-world education and training in diverse communities — focused on career success.

We pledge to:

1. Respect and accommodate

Respect and accommodate a diversity of individual’s backgrounds by providing them the opportunity to pursue higher education and to fully capitalize on their talents, and aspirations in order to have fulfilling careers and create a better world.

2. Motivate students

Motivate students to envision a brighter and successful future.

3. Map out a career path

Map out a path for learners to reach the career opportunities of their dreams and succeed in their personal and professional goals in life.

4. Produce successful graduates

Produce successful graduates who possess professionalism, practice competencies, and have an awareness of the needs of the communities and global workforce.

5. Broadens students’ knowledge

Broaden student’s knowledge and encourage them to be proactive in learning excellence.

6. Promote in a making a difference

Promote in making a difference in the life of each individual in the community we serve.

7. Inspire students with the Cornerstone values

Inspire students with the Cornerstone values which will provide a strong foundation in their relationships with fellow students, faculty, stakeholders and the community.  

8. Forge valuable community partnerships

In short, our mission is our students’ SUCCESS.

We envision our institution to be the cornerstone of education for learners to succeed in their career life and create a better world for themselves. We have the inspiration and the drive to pursue expansion in various geographical regions to serve and reach out to the needs of the diverse communities.

Our Core Values are the “cornerstone” of our institution and are founded on Christian values. They distinguish who we are and how we conduct our business and services. Our resolve is grounded in these values, and they guide our relationships with students, faculty, stakeholders and the community.  

From the following 10 Pillars of Values, Cornerstone International College believes and stands for…


We respect and value our relationship with our students, faculty, employees, all stakeholders and the communities.


We aim to preserve dignity for all people. We respect all persons, their differences, and the community they form. We foster greater understanding among people in a spirit of caring.


Unity is the strength of every individual. We promote individuals to work together with one vision and one purpose in unison to achieve a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. We desire that unity be upheld in every facet of our institution.


Achieving and attaining great expectations through learning excellence and innovation.


Upholding and preserving the worth and value of each individual.


Learning should be fun. We are committed in promoting a learning environment that fosters an enjoyable, exciting and rewarding experience. This value will promote creativity and reap positive outcomes in the end.


We promote and demonstrate a spirit of caring for employees, students and the communities that will inspire and unite people to reach a common goal. We will continue to embrace a “we care” attitude with each individual.


Constantly working together with people who share common values and visions to achieve mutual objectives. We see teaching and learning as a synergistic relationship based on partnerships and collaboration where students’ learning experience is valued.


Efficient and valuable resources and dependable people consistently accessible within one’s reach.


Using our collective influence to emphasize and foster cooperation, harmony and compassion for the welfare of the communities we serve.